Historic Walking Tour of Field

Although Yoho is best known for its scenic splendor, its history is rich with human drama and struggle. Most of us gain our knowledge of history through reading. But while in the Yoho area visitors have the unique opportunity to walk the streets of Field with a local and be told the history of the town, buildings, railroad and see the places where so much happened. The walk tells the tales of the railway men, surveyors and scientists. A community that has had to adapt to its environment.

The tours start in July to mid-September and run every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:30pm-8:30pm. We meet at our local community centre and it runs for about 1 hour depending on how many extra stories get told. We work our way through the community making stops at buildings with heritage status. The tour is open to anyone who wants to attend. Typically it’s people overnighting in the local accommodations, campgrounds, and even locals come join in. It’s free of charge but donations are gratefully accepted. At the end of the tour you’ll know the answers to many questions you would have never thought to ask about.


Golden Secondary School Scholarship

At Friends of Yoho, we value locals, neighbours, and enjoy giving back to the community.

Each year, we sponsor a scholarship fund to an aspiring post secondary student in the amount of $1000.00. The applicants provide their interests and stories regarding their focus for studies, their priorities in nature, and the natural world.

As part of our values, Friends Of Yoho advocate for the environment, prioritize education, and help to improve experiences for visitors. We take this into account when reviewing our applicants’ letters and look at their future career prospects and priorities for the future.

To find out more, email: info@friendsofyoho.ca


Go International Partnered with Lake Louise Ski Hill and Friends of Yoho

The International Volunteer program is a collaboration between the Lake Louise Ski Resort (LLSR) and Go International Work and Travel Providers (GI). The Friends of Yoho have a Parks Canada liaison who stays in close contact with them and provide their support. From May to September groups of volunteers from all over the world come and volunteer their time for four-week increments. The Lake Louise Ski Resort strives to educate the volunteers about the role that the business community plays within the Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site and how businesses are responsible for helping Parks Canada maintain their mandate and achieve their vision and objectives. LLSR is a major contributor to the health of the communities in Field and the Bow Valley and is committed to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the natural environment of the resort and surrounding area.

Volunteers at LLSR, find personal inspiration and connection to nature, learn about, and contribute to improvements to visual aesthetics to buildings, exhibits and infrastructure, conservation, community support and experience the ‘backstage’ management of one of Canada’s favorite ski resorts.

This program is a component of the ski hill’s corporate citizenship initiative. In support of this initiative, the ski area provides the Manager, Team Leader, free accommodation, the vehicle and much more. In exchange, the ski area also has the benefit of their many helping hands in support of the programs planned projects.


Past Programs

  • Commissioned the production of a Spiral tunnel train model that is installed in the Yoho information centre
  • Purchased a Water Filling Station to be installed by Parks Canada in the Field Visitor Centre
  • Secured funding to assist with the construction of the new Spiral Tunnels Observation Deck
  • Provided funds for the purchase of a Telonics Intrusion System to help with the monitoring of the Walcott Quarry
  • Had a Burgess Shale display cabinet built for the Yoho Visitor Centre (later donated to Parks Canada)
  • Commerative Bench Program (currently on hold)
  • Supply dog bags and dispensers around Yoho to keep it clean